Submission Call for Articles, Essays, Stories and Travel Tales – Deadline Approaching

Thank you to everyone for your submissions already received. We would like to feature an author/writer who supports a charity/good works  through their writing, an article with links and images would be welcome. We are also interested in travel tales with images. Health and wellness articles have a place in the magazine along with anything humorous. Check our contribution guide for more information. This is an independent self supporting publication so we are not able to pay for published submissions at this time. submissions@allyourstories.com

One Month to Submission Deadline

We are keen to support new and up and coming writers and authors. As we all know it is a struggle to get that first article or story published. Why not try submitting to All Your Stories Magazine. We are interested in all subjects, travel, lifestyle, advice on writing and much more. Check the contribution guide for inspiration.

With just one month to go before the deadline we have already received many submissions, is yours one of them?


Welcome to the New Magazine

Hello and Welcome.

We are now up and running and hope that you will contribute to our new magazine. Please read the guidelines as this helps when building the magazine if we receive your submissions in the correct format.

Here is a potted history of where we come from:

For the last 8 years we have been publishing short stories, poetry and articles in some form with a view to helping new and aspiring writers to be published. Originally we published a magazine called The Writers Newsletter, this was a free online magazine which became extremely popular, then 5 years ago we replaced it with The Writers and Readers Magazine ( still available in print and for Kindle through Amazon) the last issue published was August 2022. We would not have stopped had it not been for family bereavement and house moving.

Now a year has passed and it is time to start again with a new look and new ideas. This time we are producing 2 magazines, one for short stories and one for poetry. www.allyourstories.com and www.allyourpoems.com

Please be aware at this time we are unable to pay for published submissions, but it is hoped that we will be able to do so in the future. This time we will be accepting advertising which we did not previously do other than book promotion, which will bring in some revenue going forward.

We look forward to hearing from you and please sign up for news and updates so you will be able to follow our progress.

All best wishes,