Contribution Guide Including Word Count. (Updated)



We consider the following Fiction and Non-Fiction:

Maximum 3 items at any one time.

Flash Fiction  500 to 1000 words

Sudden Fiction 750 words

Drabble  100 words

Dribble 50 words

Short story 2500 words

Essays up to 2500 words

Subjects: Non-Fiction stories and articles

( No more than 1500 words)

Travel Tales and Stories, Lifestyle, Memoir, Philosophy,

Writing advice, Computing, Science, Psychology

Health and Fitness, Family, Humour, Experiences.

Do you support a charity through your writing? if so we would love to hear from you for a bi-monthly feature.

Any pictures or sketches to accompany your contribution should be sent as jpg. files

We do not accept or publish anything of a sexually explicit nature or erotica .

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